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Keno is a simple number game with the potential for huge payoffs depending on how many of the numbers you match. Players can bet as little as $1 and win up to $50,000. you can relax in the Turf Club Lounge and watch the games as they are drawn or play Keno on the go. You have 360 days to collect on all multi-race 21 games and over and one day to collect on multi-race tickets 2-20 games. Camas Club members receive 6 points for every dollar spent on Keno.

We also offer Big Hit Keno Progressive! Play this $1.50 game with a 6-spot, 7-spot or 8-spot, each with its own progressive jackpot. You could win more than $20,000!


Sunday-Thursday: 9am-11pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am-1:30am