It’s tee time!

… or swing, throw, toss and shoot time.

At Topgolf Swing Suite inside EPIC, play the hottest virtual games including football, hockey, baseball and carnival games, or just work on your drive in the industry-leading Full Swing golf simulator.

Up to eight can play in each of our two bays featuring comfortable lounge seating, a massive game screen, HDTVs and music, plus EPIC food and beverage service.


  • Topgolf Swing Suite FAQs

    Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?

    • No, we provide all the equipment. All you need to bring is yourself.

    Do I need to know how to play golf?

    • No, we encourage everyone to play regardless of your golf skill. And there are other games that require no golf skills.

    Can I bring my own golf clubs?

    • Yes. NOTE: Clubs with a dark face will not be read correctly by the cameras and the ball spin may not be calculated accurately.

    Does my Camas Rewards tier discount apply to Topgolf Swing Suite?

    • Yes, your tier discounts will be applied to Topgolf Swing Suite time same as food and beverage.

    Can I accrue Camas Rewards points and comps at Topgolf Swing Suite?

    • Yes, you can earn and redeem points and comps.

    Is there a dress code?

    • No, casual dress is fine.

    Do you allow minors in the area?

    • Yes, the Swing Suite is family friendly.

    Do you serve food and beverages?

    • Yes, EPIC Sports Bar’s full menu is available.

    Do you accept Topgolf Platinum memberships?

    • We do not. This program is only for the Topgolf indoor/outdoor locations.

    Do you accept Topgolf gift cards?

    • No. The Swing Suite is not included. This is only for the Topgolf indoor/outdoor locations.

    Can I use my Topgolf App?

    • Currently there is no Topgolf Swing Suite integration with the Topgolf app.
  • Pricing
    • One hour $40
    • One and a half hours $55
    • Two hours $70
    • $30 for each additional hour

Did you know?

You can play more than just golf at our Topgolf Swing Suite.