EPIC Breakfast Trash Can Challenge

Think you can eat everything on the menu?

This outrageous 5-lb breakfast includes four pancakes, eight French toast sticks, 1.5 lbs of loaded hash browns, 10 scrambled eggs, six sausage links, and six bacon strips $45


  • Participants must complete the challenge alone
  • An EPIC team member will monitor and verify completion of the challenge
  • Participants cannot leave the table once the challenge has begun.
  • Participants have 25 minutes to complete the challenge. Eat it all and it’s free, plus finishers receive an official t-shirt and their photo on the Wall of Fame!
  • Meal costs $45 if challenge is not successfully completed.
  • A liability waiver form must be signed in order to participate in the challenge.
  • Must be a Camas Club member. Not a member? It’s free to sign up at the Camas Club.