$1,500-Added Spanish 21 Tournament

Fourth Tuesday of each month

$30 buy-in with $30 re-buys

Qualifying Rounds:

• Six tables with six players per table = 36 players per round
• Three qualifying rounds = 108 possible players*
• The top two money winners from each table advance.

Semi-Final Round:

• Six tables with six players per table = 36 semi-finalists
• The top money winner from each table advances.


• Six finalists with one wildcard winner = seven finalists

Prize fund:

• 1st place - 40%
• 2nd place - 20%
• 3rd place - 15%
• 4th place - 10%
• 5th place - 6%
• 6th place - 5%
• 7th place - 4%

*If fewer than 12 players sign up for the third round, that round will be canceled. The semi-finals will be reduced to the top two money winners from each table, plus three wildcards, for 15 players total. There will be three tables with five players per table.

  • Rules

    1. Each round will consist of 25 hands.

    2. Each player will receive a starting bankroll (in an amount to be determined by Table Games Management) in tournament chips and must play every hand.

    3. Minimum and maximum bets will be determined by Table Games Management.

    4. The player(s) with the most chips on each table will advance to the next round.

    5. First base shall rotate in a clockwise manner each hand. First base will be found by random draw on the first hand.

    6. In each round, players will start with an equal amount (to be determined by Table Games Management).

    7. Players may not alter their bet after placing it into the betting circle.

    8. Players have the option of betting in order. Betting order is first base to third base. Betting order will be enforced if necessary.

    9. Insurance is NOT offered. Even money must be requested by the player. Blackjacks are paid 2-1.

    10. Table Games Management's decision is final.

    11. Players must keep all chips on the table, separated by color, in clear view for all to see.

    12. If a player cannot make or chooses not to make the minimum bet (determined by Table Games Management) or if a player leaves the table, the minimum bet per hand will be deducted from the player's bankroll for five hands. If the player has not returned by the conclusion of the fifth hand, the player is out.

    13. A player chip count will be done after the 20th hand. One count per table.

    14. If there is any misplacement of cards on the deal, misplaced cards shall be burned.

    15. Inadvertent hit - Any card that is put on the table or exposed will be burned.

    16. Skipped player - A player that has received their card in proper order will keep that card, but any players who have received cards out of order shall have those cards burned, then action will begin at the proper place.

    17. Extra hits - Cards that are hit to the player or dealer that are extra shall be burned, except for any card that was a legal hit.

    18. Dealer exposes hole card before all have acted - The missed player(s) will have the opportunity to hit/stand/split/double at the floor person's discretion, even if the dealer has hit their hand. Exception: If the dealer has busted, no further action will be allowed.

    19. Tiebreaker - There will be five additional hands played by the players involved in the tie. First base will be determined just as it would at the start of a round. Involved players will all start with an amount determined by Table Games Management.

    20. No outside help or discussion is allowed.

    21. If you do not qualify in the first round, you may re-buy in the second and/or third qualifying round as long as you are not active in a current round and space permits.

    22. At the conclusion of the final round, the player with the highest chip total wins the 1st place prize, the second-highest chip total wins the 2nd place prize, and so on.

    23. If there are fewer than 42 players, no money will be added by Northern Quest Resort & Casino.