Retreat with Rover

Dog-friendly cottage stays

If your furry friend is ready for a getaway too, reserve one of our dog-friendly cottages – fully furnished right down to the dog treats. In addition to the luxury accommodations for you, we’ve included water and food bowls, and waste bags, plus there’s a fully-fenced dog park just steps away. Sounds like a ruff life.

Limit two dogs per cottage. Included in the package rate is a $50 non-refundable pet fee for the first night, or $100 for two or more nights.

  • Pet Policy

    • Please place the "Dog is Present" door sign on the front door if a dog is inside the cottage.

    • Guests are responsible for the immediate removal and proper disposal of any pet waste deposited on the property.

    • No more than two (2) pets per cottage allowed. Management may approve additional pets at its discretion.

    • Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside (no cages or pens allowed) and must be indoors by 10pm. No dogs may be left unattended while outside.

    • Guests with pets that are aggressive, excessively noisy or causing a disturbance may be asked to leave at the discretion of the manager.
    Non-compliance may result in intervention by local animal control authorities.

    • Only approved dogs are allowed in Cottages. Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse, Bath houses and in the pool area.

    • All non-canine animals must always remain in the personal RV of the Guest, in which the Guest is also spending the night.

    • Any loss or damage incurred because of a Guest’s pet will be the full responsibility of the Guest.

    • There is an additional $50 fee for one night cottage stay; $100 total for two or more nights.