Riverbank Taphouse Goes to Beer School

By Jessica Maiers

When you first walk into Riverbank Taphouse, you are greeted with a playful chalkboard sign that lists all 52 brews currently on tap, which can understandably be a bit overwhelming, even as an avid ale fan.

To explain more, I sat down with Tyler Staples, from Riverbank Taphouse (he’s a self-proclaimed beer nerd) to find out what it means to become Cicerone certified through the Beer Appreciation course taught locally at Eastern Washington University. Yes, that’s a real course you can take for real credits – isn’t learning fun?!

Check out our interview with Tyler below to learn more:

Luckily, with a lot of knowledge and a lot of passion, plus a little formal education, Riverbank Taphouse bartenders are literally certified to guide you on a successful beer-drinking journey.

Now, Q the Music!