Northern Quest is Open!



Late Winter League

Gift cards and golf bags for the winners, drawings for stay & plays at Kalispel Golf and Country Club and Palouse Ridge, plus swag for all!

Play iconic courses under the perfect conditions for your chance to take home the goods. Teams of two* choose a weekly time slot (first come first served) to play a 9-hole round Mon-Thu, Feb 22-Mar 18.

League fee is $80 per team, limited to the first 20 teams. Registration ends Feb 16, 2021.

League registration is full, contact EPIC at 509.481.2122 for details on future leagues.

*Free Camas Club membership required.

  • Prizes

    1st place – Two $100 EPIC gift cards and two Coors Seltzer Golf Bags

    2nd place – Two $75 EPIC gift cards

    3rd place – Two $40 EPIC gift cards

    • Each participant will get a Coors Seltzer koozie and T-shirt.

    • Each participant will be entered to win a Stay & Play package for Kalispel Golf and Country Club, and Palouse Ridge stay & play package. There will be a winner for each. Drawing will occur at the end of the tournament.

  • FAQs

    Q: How do I submit my score?
    • Step 1: Each week upon finishing the round, record your scores and take a picture of your scorecard like the one below. The scorecard will automatically show on the screen at the end of your round.


    • Step 2: Follow the link provided in the weekly email to submit the scores via Google Forms

    • Step 3: Fill in your team’s name, and the score (total stroke count) of each participant. Then click “add file” to attach a picture of your scorecard.
    • Step 4: After all the information is input, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. You will then see a confirmation message stating “your response has been recorded.”


    Q: How long will the round take each week?
    A: Depending your team’s pace, it will take about an hour.

    Q: How does putting work?
    A: Putting will be restricted to 6-foot gimmies. This means that if a ball lands within 6 feet of the pin, the game will score the rest of the hole for that player automatically by adding 1 stroke to the hole as if the player were to putt 1 additional time from inside the 6-foot radius.

    Q: I have a group of 4, can we all play on one team or together?
    A: Only two people per team are allowed. If you have two teams that would like to play together, then please request time slots that adjoin each other. For example, Team 1 requests Monday at 12pm, and Team 2 requests Monday at 1pm. In addition, it is recommended to mention this request in the form of an email sent to to avoid confusion in scheduling.

  • League Rules

    • There will be 4 weeks of play, approximately 1 hour per week.

    • Different game modes are assigned each week.

    • Participants will submit a Google form that will ask for basic information as well as 3 play times in order of preference. (i.e. 1: Tuesdays at 1pm, etc). Times are not guaranteed until confirmed by the EPIC management team. Time slots are restricted to Sunday-Thursday during regular EPIC hours.

    • Each team will have 2 participants, maximum of 20 teams.

    • The Google form will prompt for a tasteful, appropriate name.

    • Once confirmed, participants cannot change their assigned weekly time slot.

    • If a day is missed because of scheduling conflicts or illness, participants will be allowed 1 make-up session for the duration of the league season. The missed session must be made up by the last day of league play and scheduled with the EPIC management team.

    • Mulligans, or the opportunity to replay a stroke, are not permitted.

    • Only amateur and women's tee box locations may be used.

    • Putting will be limited. There will be forced “gimmes” at 6 ft.

    • In the event of a software glitch, the Course Marshals will address and resolve the issue at the time of incident, based on the situation. Replay of the session or hole may be deemed necessary.

    • The max strokes per hole is 12. If participants reach the hole maximum, the software will automatically advance the player to the next hole and the stroke count for the former hole will be 12.

    • Scoring is based on a simple point structure. If there are 20 teams, the best scoring team will receive 20 points. The second-best scoring team will receive 19 points, third gets 18 points, and so on.

    • A no show of both team members will equate to 0 points and the no show of a single team member will receive just 1 point.

    • Should there be a tie for 1st-3rd places at the end of the league, the tying teams will come in for a playo round.

    • Scores are required to be self-reported and accompanied by a picture via Google forms within 1 hour of the team’s session ending. Should participants need assistance, EPIC management may record the scores.

    • Participants will receive weekly score updates through the email address they provided during sign up.

    • The league fee is $80 per team, payable the first week of play.

    • Participants are required to be Camas Club members and will submit their Camas number during their registration.

    • No discounts may be applied.

    • We reserve the right to modify or cancel at any time and to exclude any individual from this contest at our sole discretion. Any dispute not covered by the above rules shall be resolved by the casino management and shall be final and binding.