$60,000 Lucky Leap Day Giveaway

Grand Prize Drawing Feb 29

It only comes once every four years, so make it count with a cash win! Claim your free daily entry starting February 1, play slots or table games to earn more, and log in to the free mobile app for bonus entry offers. Starting at 5pm on February 29, we’ll celebrate leap day with cash drawings for up to $4,000. At 8:30pm, 10 winners will leap through our grand prize game for a shot at $30,000 cash!

  • Details
    1. This promotion will run from February 1-29, with drawings held on Thursday, February 29, 2024.
    2. Beginning at midnight on February 1, Camas Club members 21 years and older may swipe their Camas Rewards card at any Camas Kiosk to receive one free daily entry. Receive additional entries for every 1,000 gaming points earned while playing any game in the house (excluding OTB and sports bets). Awarded bonus points cannot be put towards earned points for additional entries. Northern Quest mobile app users who have registered their app will also receive surprise notifications with bonus entry offers. Members can earn 2X entries for every 1,000 gaming base points earned between 8am and 11:59pm on Twosdays (every Tuesday). Earn one additional entry for every 1,000 gaming base points earned while playing at Kalispel Casino. Points earned at Kalispel Casino will count towards entries until 11:59pm on February 28. Entries earned while playing at Kalispel Casino will be reflected in a member's account upon checking in on the giveaway date.
    3. On February 29, members can begin checking in at 4pm by swiping their Camas Rewards card at any Camas Kiosk or activating it at any slot machine or table game. Two members will be drawn every 15 minutes from 5-8pm for 26 total winners. Winners will have seven minutes to claim their prize in the southeast lobby near Windfall. If unclaimed, another member will be drawn. Entries drawn will be placed back into the electronic barrel after each drawing. Therefore, members can win multiple times. Members may continue to earn entries while the drawings take place. Entries earned on drawing nights can be placed in the barrel by removing your Camas Rewards card from the machine you are actively playing and reinserting it before the next drawing.
    4. Winners drawn will each pick one frog from the prize table. Winners will receive the cash amount that is displayed under their frog. Prizes include: $500 (12), $600 (5), $750 (4), $1,000 (4), and $4,000 (1).
    5. At 8:30pm, 10 winners will be drawn to participate in the grand prize game. Winners will have seven minutes to report to the prize table in the southeast lobby near Windfall to claim their spot in the game. If unclaimed, another member will be drawn. In the order they arrived at the prize table, each participant will select one sealed envelope containing a picture of a unique frog. Participants will line up at the first level of lily pads, then the announcer will reveal an item or trait belonging to the grand prize frog. Participants whose frog picture contains the announced items or traits will move forward to the next level of lily pads. Once a participant's frog picture doesn't include the announced item or trait, they must remain at their current level. The process continues until one participant remains. The final participant will receive the $30,000 cash grand prize. The other nine participants will win the prize correlated to the level they advanced to:
      • Level 1: $500 cash (4)
      • Level 2: $1,000 cash (2)
      • Level 3: $1,500 cash (2)
      • Level 4: $3,000 cash (1)
    6. All winners will be broadcast throughout the casino floor and inside EPIC Sports Bar. See a Promotions Specialist or the Camas Club for specific broadcast locations. Must be present to win. Must provide valid ID and SSN. All prizes are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes. $10,000 of the prize money is sourced via progressive transfer from Triple Fortune Dragon Gold.
    7. Team Members of Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority, Kalispel Casino, and Northern Quest Resort & Casino, as well as family members of Loyalty Marketing and Marketing, are not eligible to participate.
    8. We reserve the right to modify or cancel at any time and to exclude any individual from this contest at our sole discretion. Any dispute not covered by the above rules shall be resolved by casino management and shall be final and binding.