Northern Quest
Dance Championships Fancy Dance

A Celebration of Native American Heritage Month

Northern Quest Resort & Casino | Spokane, WA
Saturday, November 12 / Noon

Join us to honor Native American heritage as we highlight Fancy dance at the Northern Quest Dance Championships. On Saturday, November 12, we will welcome 16 dancers to our stage inside Pend Oreille Pavilion to perform traditional Fancy Shawl and Fancy Double Bustle dances. Our competitors are representing a number of different tribes and will have the opportunity to take home a cash prize of up to $2,500.

Performed by various Native American tribes, Fancy dance celebrates tribal heritage as dancers don elaborate garments consisting of brightly colored feathers and intricate bead work. Paying homage to century-old traditions, dancers will enter the stage with every step, turn, and movement timed perfectly to the beat of the drum.

Divisional Prizes:

1st - $2,500
2nd - $2,000
3rd - $1,500
4th - $1,200
5th - $1,000
6th-8th - $600