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La Rive Signature Massage

This customized treatment is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve tension to create an overall sense of well-being. Specific individual needs will be addressed by incorporating a variety of techniques.

30 minute / $60

60 minute / $100

90 minute / $150

Pend Oreille River Stone Massage

Cedarwood oil is massaged onto your skin while warmed local Pend Oreille river stones are placed on your body to soften muscle tension and release blocked energy, bringing you in balance with Mother Earth. The warmth and weight of the stones induce deep muscle tissue relaxation without overheating.

60 minutes / $115

90 minutes / $170

Golfer's Performance Massage

This therapeutic technique aids in the release of tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Range of motion will improve along with relief from muscle pain associated with stressed muscles due to athletic activities. This effective massage is appropriate for individuals whose body tone and conditioning is tied to performance.

60 minutes / $115

90 minutes / $170

Vital Waters Lymphatic Massage

This unique service immerses the senses with alternative waves of coolness and warmth, while bringing the body back into balance with a seawater massage balm. This remineralizing balm is mixed with either Relaxing Elixir, for tight muscles, or Draining Elixir, for areas in need of a circulation boost. This customized massage leaves the body balanced, energized and intensely moisturized.

60 minutes / $115

Mother Earth Prenatal Massage

This caring massage is customized for the mother-to-be. The therapist will focus on areas of concern that are associated with pregnancy. It will relieve lower back tension and reduce swelling in hands and feet.

30 minutes / $65

60 minutes / $105

Aromatherapy Massage

A profoundly relaxing massage lets you choose from our essential oils to help purify and renew the body, mind and spirit while enjoying the benefits of our signature massage.

60 minutes / $110

90 minutes / $160

MoroccanOil Scalp & Neck Massage

This invigorating scalp, neck and shoulder massage is intended to increase circulation as well as balance scalp issues. Infused with essential oils such as argan oil, organic ginger, lavender and geranium extracts, this calming and essential service will improve the condition of your scalp and the quality of your hair.

30 minutes / $75

Sport Targeted Muscle Massage


60 minutes / $115

90 minutes / $170

Lavendar Sea Salt Exfoliation & Bolus Massage


60 minutes / $125




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